We had a bit of a “paper splash” today with 4 new MeerTRAP FRB papers posted on the arXiv this morning. I just wanted to quickly share the excitement with you, as it is quite a rare opportunity, at least for such a significant release.

Please find the links to the papers below.

  1. FRB 20210405I: the first Fast Radio Burst sub-arcsecond localised with MeerKAT
    Driessen et al. 2023

  2. A sample of Fast Radio Bursts discovered and localised with MeerTRAP at the MeerKAT telescope
    Jankowski et al. 2023

  3. Tied-Array Beam Localisation of Radio Transients and Pulsars
    Bezuidenhout et al. 2023

  4. Discovery of an as-yet non-repeating fast radio burst with the hallmarks of a repeater
    Caleb et al. 2023