I recently published software for performing scattering fits of time domain radio signals from Fast Radio Bursts or pulsars on the Astrophysics Source Code Library (ASCL). Please find its description below.

Impulsive time domain radio signals, such as Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) or pulsars pulses, undergo several propagation effects in turbulent ionised media along the line of sight to the observer. These propagation effects imprint characteristic signatures onto their time domain signals. One of those effects is scattering or pulse broadening due to multi-path propagation, often seen as single-sided exponential scattering tails in the data. Scatfit models the observed burst signal, which usually is a convolution product of various effects, and fits it to the experimental data. It includes several models for scattering and instrumental effects. It loads the experimental time domain radio data, cleans them, fits an aggregate scattering model to the data, and robustly estimates the model parameters and their uncertainties. Additionally, scatfit determines the scaling of the scattering time with frequency, i.e. the scattering index, and the scattering-corrected dispersion measure of the burst or pulse.

Here is its entry in the ASCL, and here is its software repository.