We have discovered two fast radio bursts (FRBs) in short succession as part of the ongoing search programme at the Molonglo Observatory Radio Telescope. They are FRB181016 and FRB181017, respectively. We summarise their detection UTCs, their right-ascensions, their declinations (J2000) and the dispersion measures (DMs) that maximise the signal-to-noise ratios (S/N) in the table below.

FRB UTC RA (hh:mm:ss) Dec (dd:mm:ss) DM (pc cm-3) S/N
181016 2018-10-16-04:16:56.3 15:46:20.5 -25:24:32 1984 20
181017 2018-10-17-10:24:37.4 22:05:55 -08:50:30 240 66

FRB181017 is particularly interesting, as it was detected with high S/N. More details can be found in Astronomer’s Telegram 12124.